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Wild Wonders Balancing Game

Wild Wonders Balancing Game

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A set of colourful creatures that young children will love stacking together and balancing on top of each other.


How high can you stack these colourful creatures before they topple over?

  • Set of lovely wooden stacking animals and flowers

  • Features a giraffe, parrots, a monkey, a crocodile, a flamingo, a lion and more

  • Different sizes that can stack together in different ways

  • A fun way for children to improve their hand eye coordination

  • Presented in a sturdy box, this makes a lovely gift for a toddler

Children will love playing with these colourful animals over and over again and the box is sturdy enough to store them in when they're not being played with.

Box dimensions: 23cm x 18cm x 3cm
Materials: Card, wood
Suitable for ages 3+

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