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Poo Bingo

Poo Bingo

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Discover everything you ever wanted to know about POO with this fun fact-filled game of Poo Bingo!


Get ready for a game of bingo that really stinks! Lots of family fun packed into this Poo Bingo game.

  • Beautiful illustrated bingo game for all the family featuring 24 animals and their unique poos

  • Be the first to fill your game card to be the Poo Bingo winner!

  • Includes a bingo board, 48 chips, 8 double sided game cards, counters and a cardboard box to draw chips

  • Featured animals include beetles, cows, elephants, koalas, bats and snails

  • Sturdy storage box makes it perfect for gifting

  • 3-8 players making it perfect for families or groups of friends

Illustrated by Claudia Boldt, the game also include a booklet full of fascinating poo facts! A best seller in the shop, this bingo game is hugely popular with both families and groups of adults!

Dimensions: 22 x 22cm
Recommended ages 5+
Suitable for 3-7 players

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