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Leather Pot Wraps

Leather Pot Wraps

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Don't throw away your old tin cans, instead turn them into a beautiful pot, vase or toothbrush holder using these gorgeous leather pot wraps. Designed and handmade in Scotland by Ark Colour Design.


Turn old tin cans into beautiful storage pots with these gorgeous leather wraps from Ark Colour Design.

  • Hand crafted leather wraps with colourful garden design and foil embossed details

  • Features metal snaps to easily secure around a standard tin can

  • Your old tin can be recycled into colourful, stylish vases, pots or toothbrush holders

  • An easy gift to pop in the post so the perfect present to send to far away friends and loved ones

  • Designed and made in Scotland

Once you've finished with your can of baked beans or chopped tomatoes, simply clean it out and attach your new wrap using the snappers. A fun and stylish way to elevate something you would otherwise throw away.

Dimensions: 11.5cm high - perfect for covering a standard tin can
Materials: Leather, metal snaps

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