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Coloured Dinner Candles (Various)

Coloured Dinner Candles (Various)

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Colourful St Eval Candle Company dinner candles, perfect for adding ambience to your home.

These beautiful hand drawn dinner candles will effortlessly set the mood at your next dinner party.
  • 7/8" unscented dinner candles with a burn time of 12 hours
  • Made using traditional techniques by St Eval Candle Company on the Cornish coast
  • Made with a mix of mineral and vegetable waxes for a superior burn quality
  • Available in a range of classic and modern colours
  • Mix and match your colours to suit your decor

These candles are made with a mix of mineral and vegetable waxes, making them a vegan friendly choice.

Dimensions: 7/8" x 10"

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