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Blästa Henriët Wheat Bag - Yellow Creatures

Blästa Henriët Wheat Bag - Yellow Creatures

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Beautiful linen Blästa Henriët wheat bags, perfectly weighted to provide ultimate relaxation and comfort.


A perfectly weighted heat pack designed for comforting warmth and natural pain relief. Its large size makes it perfect for soothing aching backs and shoulders, or to sit across the neck or cold feet.

  • Can be placed in the freezer and used cold, or warmed in the oven or microwave

  • Inner bag is divided into 6 sections to prevent wheat from falling to one side

  • Outer cover can be removed for washing

  • Wheat bag is unscented but can be used with essential oils if desired

  • Comes with clear safety instructions and suggested uses

  • Wonderful relief for pregnant women or anyone who suffers from pains and aches

These beautiful wheat bags are handmade in the UK using Cotswold wheat. Their stylish packaging and high quality design means they make a gorgeous gift.

Microwave: 1-3 minutes 600W
Oven: 10-15 minutes 125°
Freezer: to use as a cold pack freeze for a minimum of 1 hour

Cover - 100% European linen
Inner Bag - natural cotton, Cotswold Wheat
Packaging - FSC certified packaging made from recycled waste fibres

Dimensions: 60cm x 20cm
Weight: 1kg

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