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Amazing Mums

Amazing Mums

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Written and illustrated in Bristol by Gabrielle Kuzak and Hannah Broadway, Amazing Mums is a fascinating look at the way mothers throughout the animal kingdom love and care for their children.


Did you know an orangutan mother can make up to 15,000 nests for her young in her lifetime?

Or that the mother dolphin doesn’t sleep at all for the first month of her baby’s life to keep her safe?

And do you know which mother cares for their baby longer than any other mum in the world?

This joyful book is a celebration of motherhood, exploring the lengths mothers go to to protect and love their young. With incredible stories about real animals written by Gabrielle Kuzak and wonderful illustrations by Hannah Broadway, this book will help you discover how amazing mums really are!

A vibrant and colourful picture book aimed at 4-8 year olds. This makes a gorgeous present for Mother's Day and new mums.

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