Top 5 Spooky Picks for a Sustainable Halloween in 2023

Bat Halloween garland from East End Press

Halloween is nearly here and there's no better way to get into the spooky spirit than by busting out the fancy dress and decorating the ghoulies out of your home!

But it's hard to ignore the fact that Halloween is one of the most wasteful seasons of the year. Mass-produced costumes and plastic decorations are mostly used just once before being binned and in the UK alone we waste 18,000 tonnes of perfectly edible pumpkin each year.

So while we're dead keen to help you get your spook on, we've gone out of our way to put together some gorgeous Halloween accessories, activities and decorations that are gentle on the environment too.

1. Handmade Halloween Garlands

These spectacularly spooky paper garlands are easy to string up in your windows or around the home for some instant Halloween vibes! Handprinted by artisan makers in Jaipur, these can be folded away and reused year after year, making them a much more sustainable choice than plastic supermarket decorations. Plus by buying handmade products, you're encouraging the continuation of traditional crafts which can only be a good thing!

2. A World of Spooky Stories

Front cover of 'A World of Spooky Stories' available from BAM Store + Space in Bristol

Brew up a mug of hot chocolate and curl up under a blanket as you enjoy 50 spooky tales from around the world! With beautiful illustrations, this anthology is a wonderful collection of stories for kids aged 5+ and is guaranteed to get you all in the spirit!

3. Spooky House Puzzle

Spooky House 100 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle for kids

Get in the spooky spirit with is gloriously colourful Spooky House Jigsaw Puzzle. With a sturdy box for storage, kids will enjoy piecing this jigsaw together again and again! And you can rest easy knowing thesse are made from recycled materials and printed with non-toxic inks.

4. Rebecca Edelmann Skull Mug

A handmade black terracotta mug with cream skull design by Bristol ceramist Rebecca Edelmann. Held against a dark wall background by a white woman's hand.

These beautiful mugs from Bristol ceramicist Rebecca Edelmann are handmade just a stone's throw from BAM Store + Space. Also available in a ghost design and as a candle holder, these ceramics sell out every time so get yours while you can!

5. The Monster Book of Zombies, Spooks & Ghouls

Monster Book of Zombies, Spooks and Ghouls drawing activity book for Halloween available from BAM Store + Space, Bristol UK

This gruesome and gory activity book by Jason Ford will teach you drawing skills that will stay with you all year round. The perfect Halloween gift for kids aged 6+, this is one that the grown ups will enjoy getting involved with too!

For more spooky gift ideas, take a look at the Halloween section of our website.

Happy Haunting, ghosts and ghouls!


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