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Wanderlust Life Fine Cord Necklaces

Wanderlust Life Fine Cord Necklaces

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Wanderlust Life is a handcrafted jewellery brand based in Devon and inspired by travel and adventure. These semi-precious gemstone necklaces shimmer in the light, making them perfect for simple everyday wear.


Modern and understated, these beautiful necklaces are designed by free spirit jewellery brand Wanderlust Life, who embrace a deliberately pared back aesthetic that leaves the natural stones to take centre stage.

  • Natural semi-precious faceted gemstone on a fine cord necklace

  • Gemstones measure around 8-9mm in size and are presented on a 17" cord

  • Necklace is finished with a 14k gold clasp and hand stamped tag

  • Handmade by Wanderlust Life in Devon

  • Presented in a black and gold gift box with full care instructions

  • Minimal but meaningful jewellery

The natural properties of these gemstones mean that no two stones are the same. Perfect for birthdays or as a token of love or friendship, this is a gift that they'll be wearing everyday. Or choose your own favourite stone and bring some beauty to your day.

Dimensions: stone 8-9mm, cord 17"

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