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Tough None Sponge

Tough None Sponge

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Brilliant plastic free kitchen scrubbers that will keep your dishes as clean as your conscience.


These tough none sponges are a tough, eco friendly alternative to plastic sponges.

  • Tough kitchen scrubbing pad handmade in Wales

  • Cotton layer outer material with high absorbent and naturally antibacterial bamboo core

  • Ring out and leave to dry naturally

  • Throw in with your laundry whenever they need a wash

  • Fully biodegradable

  • Variety of patterns - you will be sent one at random so get set for a lovely surprise!

Washing up will be a dream with these beauties and you’ll be able to rest easy in the knowledge that you’re not contributing to plastic pollution.

Dimensions: approx 11cm x 9cm
Sold individually
Sponge pattern will be chosen for you at random. Please contact us if you'd like to see our current selection before ordering.

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