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The Wild Bunch: A Crazy Eights Card Game

The Wild Bunch: A Crazy Eights Card Game

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Get all your friends and family together and go crazy with this wild card game! With a format you all know and love plus a colourful cast of cheeky animals to play with, this will quickly become a family favourite.


A fun, colourful game that the whole family will love playing. Can you get rid of your cards before anyone else?

  • Based on Crazy Eights, this is a discard game that even small children can get the hang on

  • The deck features animals instead of numbers making it easier for small children

  • Match colour or suit and be the first person to get rid of all your card to win!

  • Lots of exciting action cards for older kids to enjoy including the crab to reverse the direction and the kangaroo to skip the next player

  • All the family will love playing with these lions, monkeys, wombats, whales and parrots

Beautifully illustrated by Leanne Bock, this game is easy to pick up so you'll enjoy playing it again and again. Presented in a gorgeously shiny box, this is perfect for taking on holiday and also makes a great gift.

Dimensions: 10 x 13 cm
Recommended ages 4+
2+ players
Approx play time per game: 15 mins

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