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Studio Pepita Valentina Hair Clip

Studio Pepita Valentina Hair Clip

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These colourful confetti hair grips are a perfect choice for anyone that wants to add a bit of style to their outfit whilst still being kind to the planet.

Handmade using eco resin and colourful thread offcuts, these hair clips are perfect for keeping an unruly fringe in check or to accessorise your hair do. The sturdy gold plated alligator clip has a super strong grip so your hair will stay in place all day.

  • Red and pink eco resin clip (made with 50% bio based carbon) with red, pink and black thread offcuts embellishment
  • Finished with gold plated alligator clip for a secure grip
  • Approx 65 x 24mm
  • Handmade in the UK by Studio Pepita

Care instructions: Resin is water resistant, but try not to get your new clips soaking wet- wipe with a soft cloth to remove dust or makeup. Keep away from direct sunlight, oils or perfumes.

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