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Do Agile

Do Agile

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Futureproof your mind and stay grounded.


When it comes to new or difference challenges, are you really open-minded or are you more likely to be wary and suspicious?

It's easy to occupy a mental space that is comfortable and familiar but this can lead us to becoming stuck in our own ways or without an option that is truly our own.

Do Agile helps us to reset our minds and move forward. Tim Drake shows us that to go through work and life effectively we need an open, alert, engaged and positive mindset. And, importantly, now that is aligned with our core principles.

This book will help you to:

  • Define your values as they change over time

  • Find out how 'giving back' leads to a positive mindset

  • Reignite a desire to learn

  • Retrain your mind to think more autonomously

This toolkit will help you build up mental resilience, a growth mindset and a positive outlook. Once that's in place you can do practically anything!


  • Learn how to ground yourself, reset your mind and move forward

  • Develop a giving mindset

  • Exercise self-compassion - turn the inner voice from negative to positive

  • Practical exercises, learning points and encouragement

  • Original artworks by Bristol author, Gavin Strange

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