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Bug Me Not!

Bug Me Not!

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Who will get their frog home first and how many flies can they munch on the way? A fun dice board game for ages 4+ and their families.


A colourful chase and race game featuring some greedy frogs and unlucky insects!

  • Colourful dice and board game illustrated by Maya Stepien

  • Aimed at ages 4+ and their families

  • Suitable for 2-4 players

  • Makes a great present and it's smaller size is perfect to packing to take on a staycation!

Bug Me Not! is a fun game for small children and their families, perfect for kids just getting into board games.

"Get your frog from one corner of the board to the other, munching on insects as you! Pick your frogs and start rolling the bug dice. If there is a matching bug on a square next to you, you have to move. If there’s no bug, the next player goes. If another player is already on the matching square, tell ’em to bug off and send ’em back to start! With a mix of skill and chance Bug Me Not! is fun for the whole family!"

Box dimensions: 156 x 156 mm
Recommended ages 4+
2-4 players

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